Quotes Meike was the last pup to leave from Promise's last litter. She is doing well with the other animals (3 cats & a Schnauzer named Sheila, her new playmate). She is adjusting quite well, especially after visiting Petsmart & getting over $70 in dog toys, chew sticks, etc. Quotes
loving our puppy

Quotes Hey Karl here are some pictures of "SHAFT". He is over 70 pounds =)Thanks Smitty, we love our dog. Quotes
state trooper fhp

Quotes Hello, We got Diesel a while back and I wanted to let you see how beautiful he is. He is a great puppy and our 6 year old loves him! Thank you. Quotes

Quotes He keeps changing and getting more beautiful. I still have the pictures of his mom and dad and I think he has his moms face right now. but he is definitely getting more masculine looking and his chest is widening. Guess you can't tell I love him huh. Quotes
update on rocky

Quotes Hi Jamie its natalie here i got the last rotti pup from ya a few weeks ago i jus thought id let ya kno we absolutly adore him he is my dads little side kick haha also we found out he likes water and my australian cattle dog puppy absolutly loves him those two together equal trouble haha =] Quotes
new rottie owner

Quotes heres the pics of the handsome boy , gettin pretty big Quotes
shepherd man

Quotes Funny you should email me I was just talking to someone about you and your dogs the other day and I was trying to find yor phone number for them. The male we bought from you is doing wonderful he is a BIG loveable lunk. He is doing wonderful, everyone adores him. We named him Rocky, altough at this point he is more of a lover. However he is very vocal about any strangers that show up so I imagine by the time he is out of his puppy stages he will be very protective of his family. He is Looking Like he is going to be VERY BIG,My grandson says he is the best birthday present he ever got. Quotes
shepherd lover

Quotes Lol. She's the princess of the house. Quotes
mike & tanya
rottie owner

Quotes We need a name.. He has fit into our family perfectly. He has found his spot. He already growled at my 2 yr. old shepperd over the water bowl. Love it. I'll be sure to send some pics soon Quotes
rottie owner

Quotes Hi Jamie, We love our new puppy. All of us except my Chiwawa . He is very content to be lying at my feet, which I like..Thank you, Stephanie Richardson Quotes
rottie lover

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  • "Hi Guys, Sable is doing great. She just turned 3 last month. I think she weights about 85 pounds now. She's hard to photograph because she is so black, so I took this video o..."
    michelle DuVall
    sable's owner
  • "She is doing awesome thank you. Up to 84 pounds already and finally starting to mellow out a little. We absolutely love her. "
    shepherd owner