Quotes Hello, I hope this is the right email, I just wanted to send a couple of pics of the puppy we bought from you back in January...this is Angel, the puppy was the last one to leave....his name is Malakai...and he is a great puppy. He is already potty trained, and learned how to sit, give paw, and lay down within the first couple weeks. Quotes
new shepherd owner

Quotes Just wanted to let you know that we made it home with the puppy when we stopped at the feed store for puppy food, everyone just kept saying how beautiful he is. Quotes
fred & marisa
shepherd owner

Quotes Hi Guys, Sable is doing great. She just turned 3 last month. I think she weights about 85 pounds now. She's hard to photograph because she is so black, so I took this video of her, thanks Quotes
michelle DuVall
sable's owner

Quotes She is doing awesome thank you. Up to 84 pounds already and finally starting to mellow out a little. We absolutely love her. Quotes
shepherd owner

Quotes hello he is full of energy 24/7 he is a very happy, healthy puppy. Thanks for checking. I also attached the most recent picture I have of him Quotes
ms sharp
rottie owner

Quotes We got lucky at 8wks now shes 7mnths...we love her so much shes family!!!she runs so fast,plays with the kids and protects the family!!!!thnx karl shes awesome Quotes
luckys family

Quotes We got lucky at 8wks old..now shes 7mnths she awesome and she such a playful puppy and a protector ...she like family we love her Quotes
satisfied family

Quotes We abslutely love our little Coco. She has the best temperment and loves everyone. You breed wonderful animals.Thank you for the great addition to our family. Quotes
marj& Al Brown
Rottie lovers

Quotes Hey! She is amazing, love her to death and spoil her as much as I can. I can give you a link to my facebook album of the pictures I have of her!! She weighs around 75 lbs, 25 inches from floor to shoulders, 56 inches from tail to snout. Quotes
chris burkett
sable owner

Quotes Malakai is doing great, he is growing up and even has a brother named Mikey now...... Attached are a few pics....thanks. Quotes
casey quiles
proud shepherd owner
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